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Attn: Marketing Director/Home Owner/Spa-goer – How to Address Direct Mail

How to Address Your Direct Mail One of the most important aspects of a marketing campaign is reaching the right person in the company or home. When you are mailing to a business, its not always possible to obtain a list of the correct contact names you want to target. However, it is very important for you to know exactly “who” you want to reach within the company and to include this in the addressing of the pieces.

When we market PostcardMania we are mailing to “Attn: Marketing Director”, this way the receptionist or person in charge of distributing the mail knows exactly who to distribute the mailing to. If you are leaving the decision up to the receptionist, I would say your chances of reaching the correct person has already dropped in half. If you are unsure of who to send the mail to, we can help lead you in the right direction or you can test out a few titles to see what works best for you.

This definitely applies to mailing to homes as well, except when mailing to a home you are much more likely to reach the intended person. However, you can use a title to your advantage by mailing to “Attn: Future Homeowner” or “Attn: Spa-goer”. It will catch the attention of the recipient as you can customize the title to best describe your intended recipient.

Best, Melissa


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Why doesn’t everyone do a drop shipment?

When mailing to a concentrated geographical area and mailing over 10,000 pieces, it will most likely be beneficial to do a drop shipment. But because these pieces can only be mailed Standard 3rd class, it may not be beneficial for everyone as far as time and money to do a drop shipment.

If you think it would work well for you, we can give you a quote based on the area you are mailing to. When providing you with a quote, we will give you the postage, shipping and handling fees. All of these are taken into account before we determine if a drop ship mailing is right for you.

Best, Melissa

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What is a drop ship(ment)?

A drop shipment is a mailing that is shipped to the post office closest to the zip codes being mailed to, making the postage more economical. The mailing is completed at our facility, cleared at our local post office and then shipped via freight service to the closest post office to the destination. PostcardMania handles some of the processing that the post office would normally handle and because of this, there is a discounted rate on the postage.

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What is the NCOA?

NCOA stands for National Change of Address. When a consumer turns in a card stating they’ve moved, the information is put into the NCOA system. The NCOA system updates both consumers and businesses who have notified the post office of their address change.

To qualify for discount postage rates, the list must be run through some type of Move Update program. This is for both First Class and Standard Class Mail service. We are not required to run the list through this program if you have “Current Resident” or “Current Business” added to the address area.

As of November 2008, all presorted mailings must undergo name and address correction within 95 days of the last mailing. The Postal Service has approved several methods to meet the Move Update requirements. At PostcardMania, we utilize the NCOA (National Change of Address) program to comply with the Move Update requirement.

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