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Have you ever wondered when your mail was hitting mailboxes?  Have you ever wondered if your mail was hitting mail boxes?

If your answer is “yes,” you should consider mail tracking.

When we print the addresses on your postcards, we print a barcode along with it that contains all the address info.  The Post Office gives us additional discounts when we do this because it allows them to sort mail on machines rather than by hand.  In addition to the address info, we can also put codes in the barcode that tell the Post Office’s sorting machines to provide tracking information back to us.

When tracking, we add the tracking code to every 20th mail piece that mails out.  When the card is scanned by the Post Office’s sorting machines they record all the information in the barcode, including the address and a unique serial number that each card has encoded in the barcode.

Each day the US Post Office sends us a file with all the scan results they’ve collected over the prior 24 hours.  We feed that information into a scan database and our customized in-house mail tracking system looks for the identifiers that indicate your mail was scanned just prior to delivery.  At this point we know if your piece was delivered or not and if so, the date of delivery for your mail pieces.

This is a great way to know the average amount of time the mail takes from our post office to the recipient’s mail boxes as well as when you should expect phone calls. When you purchase tracking with us we’ll send you tracking reports as your cards are delivered.  The reports will include how many were tracked, how many have been delivered and what that translates into in terms of percentage of the total mailing has been delivered to mail boxes.

Talk to your Sales & Marketing Consultant or Mailing Services Rep if you’d like to track your cards when you do your next mailing with us.


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