Saturation Mailings

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If your business would benefit from reaching every household in an area, a saturation mailing may be just the ticket for you.

You may have heard the mailing lists for these mailings referred to as “carrier route” or “resident/occupant” lists – the bottom line is they are lists of every address in an area.  They are organized by each mail carrier’s route and even ordered in the sequence that the mail carrier walks his route.

This makes it very easy for USPS to handle and deliver the mail.  Hence, they give us extra discounts on postage to do saturation mailings such as this.

The major benefit of these types of mailings is the cost savings from these extra discounts on postage.  To mail a 6” x 8” postcard, Standard Mail, your postage will normally average between 25 and 27 cents per piece.  If you do a saturation mailing with the same size card, Standard Mail, the postage can get below 16 cents per piece.  When you multiply that saving by several thousand cards in a mailing, you could be looking at quite a pretty penny!

This works great for businesses such as grocery stores and pizzerias.  However, if your products or services appeal to a narrower segment of the population the money you’ll save on postage may be negated by a low response rate.  So you need to weigh this into the equation when considering this type of mailing.

One more option to consider is doing a simplified address mailing.  You can only exercise this option if you are mailing to a rural area.  If this happens to be your case we can generate lists that will saturate any mail carrier’s route you wish.  The cards won’t have a regular street address on them – they will be addressed like this:

  1. Postal Customer
  2. Rural Route 55
  3. Somecity FL 30303

With a simplified address mailing we can get the same postage rates as regular saturation mailings.

In any saturation or simplified address mailing please keep in mind:

  • You cannot get the same discount if you mail First Class.  USPS only gives these special discounts for Standard Mail.  This means….
  • Your mail could take longer to be delivered if you’re used to mailing First Class.
  • You won’t get the undelivered cards returned to you with and Standard Mail.
  • You will be saturating everyone in an area.  Narrowing down your target market may be impractical or impossible.

So if you’re mailing with PostcardMania and you think a saturation mailing may work well for you, speak with your Sales and Marketing Consultant or your Mailing Services Representative and they’ll get you on the right track.


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