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Why do I have to fill out so many forms?

We know that it may seem like there are a lot of forms, but each form serves its own purpose and tells us how many cards you want to print, how you want your card designed, what list and quantity to mail to, etc. These forms benefit you as they allow us to know exactly what you want for your campaign.


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Why do I continue to get returns after cleaning my list?

Clean Your ListStatistics show that approximately 40 million consumers moved last year. When a consumer moves and completes a move update card through the USPS, it normally takes a month or so to get updated at the US Postal Service. If the consumer does not complete a move card, it will take much longer. This is why you will always receive some returns on a mailing. Many times you will receive returns long after the mailing went out as the USPS does not treat returns as a priority.

For more info, check out this earlier post

Best, Melissa

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Why do I have to clean up the list I ordered?

When you order a mailing list, it usually becomes your list for one year. For that time, you have the freedom to maintain and update the list which is definitely in your best interest. Deleting returns from your list will help to keep it up to date and reduce postage waste. If you need help, just call our Mailing Services Dept. and we can walk you through it!

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What is the best way to handle returned postcards?

Returns are inevitable as there is no such thing as a perfect list. Our lists are guaranteed 90% deliverable, excluding vacant returns. You should remove any “undeliverables” from your mailing list before mailing to it again. This will help to keep your list up to date and reduce waste on postage costs.



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