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Business Reply Cards

Business Reply Cards (BRC’s) are a great way to encourage a response from your prospects. The easier it is for someone to respond to you, the more likely they will do so.

Fortunately, the Post Office makes it pretty easy and painless to mail them with postcards. A regular postcard is 4.25 by 6 inches. Without increasing the postage rate at all, we can attach another card to it that can be sent back to you at no cost to your prospect.

Your prospect will usually fill out some information on the back of the reply card and then mail it back to you without having to pay postage. You will have to pay the postage on the replies that come back your way to the tune of 30.9 cents per piece for one of our regular postcards. While that is a little more than regular postage to send each card out, keep in mind that these are prospects that have replied to you and are showing interest in your product or service.

Furthermore, you will have an annual permit fee of $185.00. You will need to set up this permit with your local post office prior to doing your first BRC mailing.

As you can see, there are costs involved, but it is simply the cost of getting more responses from your prospects. In this day and age, your prospects can also use the internet to easily request more info and respond to your postcard mailing and you should keep this in mind. However, BRC’s can still be a valuable tool in your marketing tool box, especially when trying to reach demographics that are not heavy internet users.

You can also opt for a Courtesy Reply Card that simply has a box that says “Place Stamp Here” in the top-right corner. You can still mail these out attached to your postcard (with no extra postage costs). In this case, you won’t be on the hook for the reply mail postage or the annual permit. In the quest for getting the best bang for your buck, this may turn out to be your best option.


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Can a Standard Class mailing really take that long?

The normal delivery time for a Standard (3rd class) mailing is up to 2 weeks, but we’ve seen these mailings take longer. There are many things that may affect a Standard Class mailing. During the holidays, the USPS delivers billions of pieces. The USPS treats First Class mail as a priority and handles all of the Standard mail after the First Class mail is handled. The postage rates are considerably lower to mail Standard (except in the case of the 4.25 x 6 card as stated above) and this is why it’s not treated as a high priority. Mailing Standard makes sense when there is no particular timeline for when your mail piece should arrive.

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What is involved in doing a drop shipment?

As stated in an earlier blog, drop shipments are not for everyone. It really needs to make sense for a drop shipment to be cost effective. When we do a drop shipment, we process and address the mailing as we normally do, except after it’s verified at the post office, we bring it back to our facility. We have a relationship with a freight service that only handles drop shipments. We prepare the mailing for them and then arrange for them to transport it to the appropriate post office.

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Why doesn’t everyone do a drop shipment?

When mailing to a concentrated geographical area and mailing over 10,000 pieces, it will most likely be beneficial to do a drop shipment. But because these pieces can only be mailed Standard 3rd class, it may not be beneficial for everyone as far as time and money to do a drop shipment.

If you think it would work well for you, we can give you a quote based on the area you are mailing to. When providing you with a quote, we will give you the postage, shipping and handling fees. All of these are taken into account before we determine if a drop ship mailing is right for you.

Best, Melissa

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What is a drop ship(ment)?

A drop shipment is a mailing that is shipped to the post office closest to the zip codes being mailed to, making the postage more economical. The mailing is completed at our facility, cleared at our local post office and then shipped via freight service to the closest post office to the destination. PostcardMania handles some of the processing that the post office would normally handle and because of this, there is a discounted rate on the postage.

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Does a self-mailer always need to be tabbed, regardless of the orientation of the folded edge?

Yes, unless it is over 6 1/8 x 11 1/2. At this point, it qualifies to mail as a flat and does not need to be tabbed.

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What is a carrier route mailing?

A carrier route is a “route” within a zip code that a postal carrier walks or delivers mail in.

Carrier routes are used to divide mailing lists into segments. In order to mail by carrier route, you need to mail to approximately 90% of the addresses on that route. So if you want to reach the people around your location, a carrier route mailing is a good option for you. We can presort your mailing this way if you are only mailing to a few routes.

Another perk is that this method can save you money! Carrier route mailings receive a discounted rate on postage. Additionally, it costs less to obtain the list and mail, partly because they are addressed to “current resident.” Keep in mind that a carrier route mailing never goes out First Class; it is a Standard mailing and can take up to 2 weeks or longer to arrive.

These mailings are perfect for Restaurants, Dentists, Retail Stores, etc.

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