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Why can’t exact postage be decided before you have the list? Who decides the range for postage and why is there a range?

Postage rates are determined by the US Postal Service. In order to get your exact postal rates, we must process your list and prepare the postal paperwork for the USPS. In order to do this ahead of time for a postage quote, we would need your list and your completed checklist. Your checklist tells us how to remove duplicates from your list and if you want to add “Or current resident/business” to the mailing.


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Why doesn’t everyone do a drop shipment?

When mailing to a concentrated geographical area and mailing over 10,000 pieces, it will most likely be beneficial to do a drop shipment. But because these pieces can only be mailed Standard 3rd class, it may not be beneficial for everyone as far as time and money to do a drop shipment.

If you think it would work well for you, we can give you a quote based on the area you are mailing to. When providing you with a quote, we will give you the postage, shipping and handling fees. All of these are taken into account before we determine if a drop ship mailing is right for you.

Best, Melissa

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What is a drop ship(ment)?

A drop shipment is a mailing that is shipped to the post office closest to the zip codes being mailed to, making the postage more economical. The mailing is completed at our facility, cleared at our local post office and then shipped via freight service to the closest post office to the destination. PostcardMania handles some of the processing that the post office would normally handle and because of this, there is a discounted rate on the postage.

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What is a carrier route mailing?

A carrier route is a “route” within a zip code that a postal carrier walks or delivers mail in.

Carrier routes are used to divide mailing lists into segments. In order to mail by carrier route, you need to mail to approximately 90% of the addresses on that route. So if you want to reach the people around your location, a carrier route mailing is a good option for you. We can presort your mailing this way if you are only mailing to a few routes.

Another perk is that this method can save you money! Carrier route mailings receive a discounted rate on postage. Additionally, it costs less to obtain the list and mail, partly because they are addressed to “current resident.” Keep in mind that a carrier route mailing never goes out First Class; it is a Standard mailing and can take up to 2 weeks or longer to arrive.

These mailings are perfect for Restaurants, Dentists, Retail Stores, etc.

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What is the difference between mailing First Class and mailing Standard (3rd class)?

The two key differences are delivery time and postage rates:

A First Class mailing is treated as a priority; the normal delivery time is 3–5 business days. A Standard mailing can take up to 2 weeks or longer for delivery. Therefore, you are paying a premium to mail First Class and the postage rates are much higher to mail this way.

The exception is the 4.25 x 6 postcard, as you will receive less costly postage rates mailing First Class than if you mail Standard.

Another thing to keep in mine is that you will receive returns (due to bad addresses/undeliverable mail) on First Class mail but you will not on Standard. For this reason, when you mail Standard, it’s important to consider the quality of your mailing list and how that will affect your postage costs.

Best, Melissa

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