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Can a Standard Class mailing really take that long?

The normal delivery time for a Standard (3rd class) mailing is up to 2 weeks, but we’ve seen these mailings take longer. There are many things that may affect a Standard Class mailing. During the holidays, the USPS delivers billions of pieces. The USPS treats First Class mail as a priority and handles all of the Standard mail after the First Class mail is handled. The postage rates are considerably lower to mail Standard (except in the case of the 4.25 x 6 card as stated above) and this is why it’s not treated as a high priority. Mailing Standard makes sense when there is no particular timeline for when your mail piece should arrive.


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When is the best time to mail?

This depends greatly on your target market and your industry. The key to direct mail is mailing consistently. You can test by mailing at different times and tracking your responses to see what works best for you. There are many ways to track your mailing. Your marketing consultant will be able to help you determine a workable method for you.

Also, our CEO, Joy Gendusa, wrote a marketing article aptly titled “Direct Mail, Don’t Assume–Just Test and Track” that explains in more detail how to test and track your results.

Let me know if you have a more specific question that you would like me to answer. Just leave a comment!

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